If you are anything like me, you’ve gone to school, enrolled in seminars, joined groups, and read tons of books about career fulfillment. And “academically,” you know the steps you need to take to achieve your professional goals. Yet you feel stuck in your career and can’t get the clarity you need to do something about it. You’re caught in the day-to-day. You can’t find the time to sift through the variables and confidently take action. I get it. I’ve been there.

feeling unable to achieve your goals

I’ve had moments when I looked back on my experience, blind to all the accomplishments that everyone else could see. Sometimes I felt over my head, unsure of my next steps. I’m familiar with desperately wanting to move from dabbling in a little bit of everything to achieving singular clarity and going “all in” on a strategy to crush my goals. I’ve been full of energy and excitement, yet overwhelmed and paralyzed about how to even start, let alone achieve my goals.

Because I’ve been there, I am committed to helping others who feel the same way. Whether hosted by someone else or a staycation just for you, a retreat can help you gain clarity, crystallize your goals, and leave the retreat refreshed, recharged, and with a clear action plan to put your goals in motion.

A retreat consists of:

1. Taking you out of your daily routine

Go somewhere magical or set up a magical environment for you at home. You must leave the minutiae of your day-to-day behind. The ability to focus solely on the task of recharging and planning for your success is key.

2. Nurturing yourself and seek out guidance

Create a gentle morning routine of some movement and a nutritious breakfast. Then spend some time listening, reading, or working with a coach to give you the tools you need to set the goals that best serve you and achieve clarity around them.

3. Enabling mindfulness

Research shows that mindfulness and gentle exercise are key to growth and creativity. Accordingly, we recommend you incorporate yoga, massage, active reflection, and one-on-one coaching opportunities to help you dive deeper into your specific path.

4. Providing cohort-based learning

Working with and learning from other inspiring, accomplished people in business will amplify the power of your experience. Ask friends to join your retreat or seek out virtual or in-person groups to join during your retreat to get the power of a cohort.

5. Making an action plan

All the learning, comradery, self-care, and clarity are powerful, but it means nothing without following it up with a plan. Make sure you leave your retreat with a day-one action plan. You should know exactly what steps to take next and how to move towards your goals in a deliberate and focused way.

open the door to your future

We have hosted transformational retreats for executives in Bali, Indonesia in the past. If you are interested in being notified of future retreats or discussing creating a corporate retreat for your leadership team, please email the CEO directly at: mary@evolveYourPerformance.com.