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  • Introduction When we talk about organizations, we’re fundamentally talking about people — individuals united by a shared mission. In any business setting, it’s the behaviors of these individuals that weave the fabric of culture, influence productivity, and directly impact profitability. For a leader, recognizing the core importance of behaviors in shaping outcomes offers a pragmatic […]

  • In the fast-moving tech world, we’re all grappling with a big question: how do we keep human touch in the game when technology is calling the shots? It’s a puzzle that gets even trickier when you throw talent management into the mix. After all, what’s innovation worth if it costs us our soul or our […]

  • Picture of the bottom of an airplane as it flies over the photographer as it is landing.

    In the saga of Boeing’s transformation from an engineering powerhouse to a cautionary tale of corporate missteps, a series of pivotal decisions mark the waypoints on a journey from industry leadership to a crisis of confidence. This journey began in 1997, when Boeing merged with McDonnell Douglas, a move that not only expanded Boeing’s footprint […]

  • In the dynamic landscape of organizational change, leaders often grapple with how to gauge their initiatives’ effectiveness accurately. Traditionally, surveys have been the go-to tool, but let’s face it—they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. In this piece, we’re venturing beyond the conventional, exploring innovative strategies that promise a more holistic view of change measurement. From […]

  • A couple of questions worth asking… “What are my company’s values? What is our culture, and does a shifting corporate landscape necessitate a complete change in how we do business?” An Unprecedented Shift Surviving 2020 – for large corporations, small to mid-size businesses and start-ups, and even households required a wholesale commitment to change. With […]

  • When you go to a store and receive excellent service from a front-line employee who exceeds all of your expectations, do you credit the positive interaction to a lucky encounter with a singular, wonderful employee who loves their job? Or do you extend your favor to the entire organization, thinking, “Wow! This company must really […]

  • Do you fully appreciate the potential of your employees? According to a 2019 study by Bloom Leadership, 79% of employees quit due to a “lack of appreciation,” which included: Lack of career and professional development Inability to safely provide opinions and ideas about the organization Managers fail to delegate tasks to employees, thereby ignoring their […]

  • Pretty sure you’ve heard the idiom, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” While workers aren’t like monsters and work, hopefully, isn’t like hell, it’s easy for the well-intended metrics we establish to produce the types of unintended consequences that can make a good idea a bad reality. Once Upon A Metric…       A […]

  • Why is your favorite coffee shop your favorite coffee shop? Is it as simple as the coffee? The price? Or is it that hipster music they play in the store? Is it the cute barista who writes your name in that ‘special’ way on your cup? Is it the fact that they use organic, conflict-free […]

  • Do you remember your first job? Mine was a city government job managing summer hires. Hilarious, in retrospect, because I was 16, maybe 17 (don’t laugh, it was a while ago,) and I had zero supervisory experience. Now, it’s important to note that I could do ALL of the jobs the summer hires were asked […]