We believe every executive deserves a trusted partner in navigating chaos and change

As an executive, you’re no stranger to the relentless chaos and constant change that defines today’s business landscape.

Despite your best efforts, priorities morph unpredictably, leaving you feeling like you’re trying to run on quicksand.

You’ve done everything you thought was right, but the turbulence remains.

Now is the time for that to change.


Welcome to Evolve, your dedicated partner in navigating the chaos and driving impactful change. We’re a team of passionate, experienced, and people-focused experts committed to transforming “business as usual” and fostering an environment where both organizations and individuals can truly thrive.

More resilient teams.

More effective leaders.

A more adaptive and successful organization.

As an ambitious executive today, you’re faced with a critical decision… Adapt or Get Left Behind.

You can keep fighting the fires, wrestling with an ever-changing list of priorities, and struggling to keep your team aligned - just another company caught in the whirlwind of change... OR... You can gear up with EVOLVE, leaning into the turbulence with focus, resilience, and a game-changing perspective that empowers you to leverage change, serve your teams and stakeholders at a higher level, and transform chaos into impact.

It’s no secret: the business world is volatile, unpredictable, complex, and ambiguous. Trying to navigate this on your own can feel like you’re being swept away in a tide of relentless change.

Fact: In 2022, the average employee experienced ten planned enterprise changes, up from two in 2016. However, a Gartner survey revealed that employees’ willingness to support enterprise change collapsed to just 43% in 2022, compared to 74% in 2016.

This means that change fatigue is at an all-time high, and yet the pace of change shows no signs of letting up.

Having worked with countless organizations like yours since our inception, we understand:

🚫 You may feel overwhelmed by a fast-paced, ever-changing business environment filled with never-ending Zoom meetings and an avalanche of emails…

🚫 You might be frustrated, feeling like your organization is stuck in a rut, unable to manage the constant change effectively…

🚫 You may worry that change is overtaking your organization, leaving less and less time for strategy, innovation, and growth…

🚫 You have ambitious visions for your organization’s future but struggle to align your strategy, people, and processes effectively…

🚫 You crave a resilient, adaptive organization capable of facing any change head-on without compromising operational effectiveness, team morale, or your peace of mind (Yes, that IS possible!)

Now you’re ready to take action, evolve, and succeed. Welcome to Evolve Your Performance. It’s time to harness the power of change.


Frankly, we’re not for “most” businesses.

Many tend to hold on to their comforting illusions that they just need to weather the storm. They keep hoping for stability, keep managing the status quo, keep “doing good work,” and they think all their chaos, performance, and adaptation issues will magically resolve themselves.

Others yearn to return to the time when their organization was a harmonious, productive powerhouse but fear change or are afraid they can’t or won’t adapt. They stick to their survival mentality. They accept the constant shifting of priorities and hope to keep up with the pace. Or they’ll take on any project and embrace any change (no matter how transactional) that promises to help them stay afloat. They create their own chaos and display it as a badge of honor.

Those people are not ready for what we offer.

We’re looking for that visionary leader who sees the potential in chaos, who aspires to be the guide in the storm… who is agile, brave, and insightful… who draws the best from their teams because they create such significant impact and are crystal clear in the outcomes they consistently achieve…

If you are that leader, you’ve finally found your answer…

Your haven in the chaos… Welcome to Evolve Your Performance.


Evolve is so lucky to have a team of professionals passionate about making a positive impact on organizations and enabling as much transformation as possible to set organizations up for continued success. Learn about some of our key executives and team members below.

Dr. Mary Barnes

Founder and CEO


Dot Olonovich

Chief Operating Officer and Change Strategist

Dr. Hanaa Jimenez

Change Strategist

Trevor Tomion

Change Strategist

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