How to Be Grateful for Today While Consciously Creating the Tomorrow of Your Dreams

What if I told you that you could be in a COMPLETELY different, much happier, and more successful situation in 30 days than you are now? Being human is hard. And the hardest part is when you hear those negative voices in your head, telling you that you are not good enough or the world [...]

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Why do I need a performance coach?

  While the answer to this question is very personal, I can tell you about my experiences. I have always been a planner – I even had a reputation among my friends as the one who disappeared over New Year for my own “reset retreat” with just me and the dogs. I also had a [...]

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Yes, You Do Look Fat in Those Jeans

“You’re like that one true friend who will tell you, ‘yes, you do look fat in those jeans.’ Someone said this to me the other day. While I have never told anyone they are fat, it’s one of the best compliments I’ve been given. We all need those people in our lives who will help [...]

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