How Ready is Your Organization for Change?

In this month’s edition of our newsletter, we delve deeply into the pivotal role of a Change Strategist in steering organizations through the complexities of transformation. As you explore the insights from our feature blog post, you may find yourself contemplating the readiness of your own organization to embark on or continue a journey of [...]

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Why Every CEO Needs a Strategic Change Advisor on Speed Dial

Every CEO understands the weight of their role, sandwiched between the ambitious promises they’ve made to the board and the stark realities of their organization’s everyday operations. Whether they’re fresh in the CEO seat aiming to shake things up, or a seasoned leader striving to keep their company competitive, every leader routinely sets strategic initiatives [...]

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Leveraging Behaviors for Targeted Organizational Change

Introduction When we talk about organizations, we’re fundamentally talking about people — individuals united by a shared mission. In any business setting, it’s the behaviors of these individuals that weave the fabric of culture, influence productivity, and directly impact profitability. For a leader, recognizing the core importance of behaviors in shaping outcomes offers a pragmatic [...]

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