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When “working from home” becomes more like “living at the office” and how to fix it

  When was the last time you stood up today? I started working from home regularly about 7 years ago. My days, in the beginning, went something like this: I rolled out of bed at my normal time. I let the dogs out and checked my email, which would inevitably pull me into a rabbit [...]

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The Best Way to Reduce Meetings While Staying in the Loop

Meetings are a necessary evil, especially when working remotely. Or are they? I was talking to a friend and colleague the other day. We were commiserating about how every interaction we had in the office is now a meeting with dozens of attendees. Every stopping by a desk to chat… is now an hour-long video [...]

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How to Be Grateful for Today While Consciously Creating the Tomorrow of Your Dreams

What if I told you that you could be in a COMPLETELY different, much happier, and more successful situation in 30 days than you are now? Being human is hard. And the hardest part is when you hear those negative voices in your head, telling you that you are not good enough or the world [...]

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