How to Effectively Increase Long-Term Employee Engagement

When you go to a store and receive excellent service from a front-line employee who exceeds all of your expectations, do you credit the positive interaction to a lucky encounter with a singular, wonderful employee who loves their job? Or do you extend your favor to the entire organization, thinking, “Wow! This company must really [...]

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How a Metrics Audit Can Improve Your Organizational Culture

Pretty sure you’ve heard the idiom, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” While workers aren’t like monsters and work, hopefully, isn’t like hell, it’s easy for the well-intended metrics we establish to produce the types of unintended consequences that can make a good idea a bad reality. Once Upon A Metric…       A [...]

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How Your Organizational Culture Can Make or Break Performance

Why is your favorite coffee shop your favorite coffee shop? Is it as simple as the coffee? The price? Or is it that hipster music they play in the store? Is it the cute barista who writes your name in that ‘special’ way on your cup? Is it the fact that they use organic, conflict-free [...]

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