Monica Suber-Duffy

“Mary has served as my coach at one of the most challenging times in my life. As such, she has not only encouraged me but also championed me. She’s seen in me what I cannot always see possible. She’s helped me find clarity where I once found a nebulous cloud. I recommend Mary as your [...]

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Michael E.

“Working with Mary is like talking to a lifelong friend you just met. Her easy style makes the conversation just flow and before long you are having a deep, insightful conversation about career goals you didn’t realize you had. Her inquisitive nature lets her easily ask probing questions about past and current roles that serve [...]

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Caroline B.

“Mary’s presence and coaching combine the elements of powerful, practical strategies with unfailing positive energy and REAL caring that transfers itself across to you at all times. When you start learning Mary’s strategies to solving problems and achieving goals, you honestly understand HOW to get to where you want to be in your business. She [...]

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