Janet Carter

“Mary Barnes is exceptional as a professional coach. She pushes you to be your best and think strategically on your professional goals. I have already recommended her to several of my colleagues. My participation in the Evolve Women in Business Bali Retreat was key to moving forward in my next professional goals.”

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Dion Duarte

“Mary is a phenomenal leader, coach and mentor. She takes time to listen to your concerns, while helping you to learn and progress as a leader. I worked for Mary as part of a one year full-time Executive Acquisition Leadership (EALP) at GSA. Quite frankly, that was the best leadership training I've ever had hands [...]

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George Prochaska

“Mary was a terrific colleague. She had the ability to listen deeply and think both creatively and practically. Mary lives a full life; she brings much more to the table than just work and education. She has traveled the world, and interacted with people and challenges many of us have never had the chance to [...]

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