There’s more to IT modernization than upgrading software

In the world of organizational change, the journey of IT modernization often promises a path to efficiency and innovation. However, without careful planning and consideration of the human element, this journey can quickly lead to chaos. This was the stark reality faced by a client organization which found itself in the throes of disruption following [...]

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Human-Centered Design Takes Center Stage in Organizational Change

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, human-centered design (HCD) is increasingly being recognized as the linchpin of strategic organizational change management. This approach, which emphasizes understanding and addressing human needs, is proving indispensable in solving the complex, multifaceted challenges organizations face today—often referred to as "wicked problems." Historically, HCD's roots are deep, with its principles [...]

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The Transformation Audit – Your Beacon in the Chaos of Change

In the realm of organizational change, especially in the tumultuous waters of IT modernization, the path forward is often obscured by the fog of current practices, outdated systems, and the human resistance to new processes. This month, as we delve into the theme of technology serving business rather than dictating it, we're reminded of the [...]

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