In this month’s spotlight, we introduce a game-changer for those at the helm of transformation: The EVOLVE Change Customization Worksheet. As we navigate the theme of prioritizing people over numbers, this innovative tool emerges as your compass through the intricate landscape of organizational change.

At its core, the EVOLVE Worksheet is designed to operationalize the concept that an organization’s strength lies in its people—specifically, in their behaviors. Behaviors are the tangible threads weaving through the fabric of your organization, shaping culture, driving productivity, and ultimately, defining success. Unlike the elusive alignment of “hearts and minds,” behaviors are observable, measurable, and, most importantly, modifiable.


  • Identify Key Behaviors: Begin by pinpointing the specific actions and behaviors that support your organizational objectives, providing a clear target for your change efforts.
  • Assess Current Incentives: Dive into the dynamics of your current environment to understand how existing incentives and structures might be shaping behaviors – for better or worse.
  • Design Strategic Interventions: Armed with insights, the worksheet helps you craft targeted strategies to incentivize the behaviors that will drive your organization forward.
  • Measure and Adapt: It’s not just about implementation; this tool is also about iteration. Monitor the impact of your interventions, and be prepared to tweak your approach based on real-world feedback.

The EVOLVE Worksheet isn’t just a resource; it’s a transformation partner. It offers a structured yet flexible framework that respects the complexity of organizational change but breaks it down into manageable, actionable pieces. Whether you’re looking to enhance team collaboration, boost productivity, or steer your ship through turbulent waters, this worksheet stands as a beacon of clarity and direction.

Embrace the EVOLVE Change Customization Worksheet to not just envision change but enact it, leveraging the power of behaviors to create a resilient, dynamic, and thriving organization. Your journey towards meaningful and impactful transformation begins here.