The following worksheet (that has sample data included) is intended to support the beginning phases of developing a change initiative. While this is just a few tabs, it is not intended to be accomplished in one sitting or by one person. Customizing a change and developing the final behavior-based change continuum should include the change team and even key stakeholders, if applicable. Some of these tabs in this workbook might be the singular topic in a whiteboarding workshop.

Look for the various notes and pro tips throughout the workshop to help you figure out the best way to work through this effort. If you would like some help managing this customization process, feel free to reach out to Mary directly on to schedule some time to talk about how we can help you customize the change for optimal results.

As you go through this workbook, use the buttons to navigate through the spreadsheet and make sure to only type into spaces identified so that you don’t accidentally delete some of the formulas intended to help reduce your effort.