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Question: “As a leader, what are some practical ways I can measure the effectiveness of change in my organization without over-relying on surveys?”

Answer: In the quest to gauge the true impact of organizational change, leaders often find themselves tangled in a web of surveys and metrics that, frankly, can miss the mark. It’s time to cut through the noise and zero in on what really matters – the behaviors that signify real, tangible change. Instead of obsessing over finding that elusive perfect measure, let’s shift our focus to defining and observing key behaviors. These are the actions and attitudes that, when consistently embraced by the majority of the workforce, will naturally steer the organization toward its desired future.

Imagine you’re aiming to lose weight. The traditional approach would have you fixated on the scale, but we know that approach is fraught with frustration. Instead, success lies in committing to specific, healthy behaviors – like choosing not to eat out, avoiding liquid calories, and sticking to a regular exercise routine. These behaviors, reliably performed, pave the way to your goal, not the misleading digits on a scale.

Apply this analogy to your organization. Combine the insight from imperfect outcome metrics with a keen observation of the behavioral changes that lead to the change goal. This dual approach offers a more nuanced and effective way to measure the effectiveness of change initiatives without bombarding the organization with endless surveys.

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