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Why Monthly Mentoring?

My Monthly Mentoring Circle is precious. And, I am committed to making it a powerful experience that you want MORE of because it helps you crush your goals, every time By joining my Monthly Mentoring Circle, you will join a community of people who are all on similar journeys, going after Who They Want To Be and following the EVOLVE methodology to get them there.

Let me be your trustworthy guide, as we meet monthly for a live call to discuss the methodology, answer your questions, and learn how to better achieve our goals from each other’s successes and setbacks. In addition to the monthly call, I will also share a monthly ‘power pack’ full of immediately workable insights that will transform your life and let you become your best self. That power pack will be based on a theme for the month and will address whatever questions and concerns I’ve been hearing over the previous month or two.

Every month, I share intense, insider guidance and practical, actionable tips and lessons on growth, change and transformation. While the calls are monthly, everyone in the Monthly Mentoring Circle will have exclusive access to a discussion board so that you can engage with me and other Mentoring members throughout the month – no need to wait for the monthly call to get inspiration, accountability, or unstuck. This is where resources shared and recordings of past monthly calls will be posted. You will have access to this portal for as long as you are a Mentoring member.

So, don’t feel like you have to go on a journey of transformation by yourself. The Monthly Mentoring Circle (including me!) will be there for you every step of the way – all journeys are more exciting with a friend!


Change is my thing. Not only did I get my doctorate in human and organizational learning, I have over 20 years of experience in private, public, government, and not-for-profit organizations. My speciality is building organizational culture and driving transformational change within organizations. Most recently, I led a cross-functional team of directors in restructuring and aligning the organization around a new business model and philosophy. I’ve also helped organizations deal with the cultural impacts of merging two organizations into one, adjusting to a new CEO after the founding CEO left, and transforming the culture from a traditional office-centric culture to a much more dispersed workforce with very little assigned seating at all.

Yes, I use my knowledge of people and change every day to drive results in organizations and improve the bottom line. However, what does that have to do with you?

Well, for years, I kept my proclivity for annual planning in my personal life…personal. I would steal some time away at the end of every year for a mini retreat so that I could update my five-year plan and determine my top goals for the year. I honestly thought everyone did something similar.

Only once I started coaching individuals did I realize that almost nobody actually did what I did for themselves. What might be common sense to me because of my background in organizational transformation, was foreign to everyone else. When people saw me accomplish goal after goal that I set out for myself, they thought I was just super smart and driven. Some of my friends even thought I was born under a lucky star.

The truth is, I’m not special. I just figured out a long time ago how to define my goals, create a compelling future vision for myself, and create and execute a plan to get me exactly what I wanted for myself.

After years of pleas from others to share how I do what I do, I have finally put it down on paper. This is what I do personally each year. How I accomplished every personal and professional goal I have had for myself. These are also the concepts I use when I coach clients one-on-one. My hope is that this book will help you create a compelling vision for yourself, gain focus, and achieve your goals.


The Monthly Mentoring Circle follows the EVOLVE methodology to help you achieve your goals:

Evaluate the Current State.

Vision for the Future.

Organize the Plan.

Learn the New Behaviors.

Value What’s Important.

Evaluate and Adjust.

During the monthly calls and on the exclusive portal, we will share several self-assessments, worksheets, and exercises to help you achieve results. The nice thing about the Montoring Circle is that we will be able to customize the resources to address specific challenges and questions and we can help each other modify the standard process to meet our specific needs.

What Others are Saying…

“I have had the privilege of working with Mary over the past 4 years as a performance coach. Mary has helped me to identify and achieve far-reaching professional goals, while balancing parenting a young child and cultivating nourishing personal time. Mary’s coaching approach combines psychology, change and leadership theory, as well as adult learning, with the practical-know-how of a seasoned manager, and through this unique technique, she has enabled me to navigate both management consulting and academia, as a doctoral student. Mary has taught me how to successfully manage conflict constructively and to set realistic boundaries based on environmental and stakeholder needs, as well as my own needs (professional and personal) to execute with precision and strength. Mary’s committed, kind, no-nonsense style has been nothing short of excellent over the years that I have worked with her. I highly recommend Mary as a performance coach.”
—Rita M., coaching client

“I’ve invested many years attending conferences, reading books, and conversing with motivational speakders across the country. I’ve applied their techniques and experienced minimal results. After engaging wih Mary, my perspective has been adjusted and I have experienced positive change. Mary is a committed coach with an uncanny motivation for helping people transform their lives and experience results. Her fresh approach helps people experience a healthy balance of personal and professional success.”
—John C., coaching client


For just $149/month (or $1500/year), less than the cost of one hour of my one-on-one coaching rate per month, you are getting tons of tools to help you succeed:

– Live access to me and the Mentoring Circle for 60 minutes on a monthly basis

– Customized tips, tools, worksheets, and information – everything you need to achieve your goals and tackle your specific challenges and setbacks

– Exclusive access to a Mentoring Circle portal to revisit recorded sessions, access custom resources provided only to the Mentoring Circle, interact with other Mentoring Circle members, and ask questions. The portal will also provide access to text or email me throughout the month if you have specific questions you don’t want to provide in the portal or on the calls.

This isn’t a just platitudes and inspiration. This Mentoring Circle was created to help me achieve my goal of empowering people, personally and in business, to successfully learn the new behaviors and make the changes that close the gap between Who They Are and Who They Want To Be. When one-on-one coaching is out of reach, I still want to be able to help individuals achieve their goals. And, this is how I do it.

As a high-touch offering, I can only offer open enrollment at certain times throughout the year. The next open enrollment is scheduled for the Fall of 2019. If you are interested in pre-registering so you get an invitation to sign-up a full week before the Mentoring Circle is listed to the public, sign up below (and make sure you put the confirmation email address in your contacts so you get the notice when it is sent out). Between now and the Fall, I might also send out some additional information or exclusive offers, just to this group. However, I will not add you to any of my regular email lists, so you don’t have to worry about a flood of emails.

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