Using the EVOLVE Methodology for Your Personal Transformation

Lessons from an Organizational Change Expert

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Why This Book?

At some point, we all need a little help bridging the gap between our goals and the daily actions that get us there. One way to do that is with a coach. Just like in sports, a coach can be there to ask you the tough questions, push you harder than you would push yourself, hold you accountable, and provide an outside perspective on what is and isn’t working.

However, not all of us have the time, money, or inclination to invest in a personal coach. For that reason, I have created this book. I wrote this book to help you transform your life and become your best self. No need to wait until the New Year, a new month, or even a Monday. Start now! Start thinking about your vision for yourself and what you need to do to get there.

This book contains a simple process to help you plan for and achieve a personal transformation. The book is designed to help anyone, as long as you are ready and willing to put the work into achieving your goals and transforming your life. Within the book, we will cover the step-by-step process of transformation, based on best practices and lessons learned from my experience as an organizational transformation expert – I figured that the tips and tricks I use to get an entire organization to change their behavior and culture could be beneficial when working with one-on-one clients as well. And, it turns out, I was right! The tips and steps shared in this book have been successfully used by myself and my clients to achieve big life and business goals and live a much more balanced and successful life.

The book, of course, centers around the six-step process of transformation (the EVOLVE process). But, I share stories, address frequently asked questions, and provide fun self-assessments to help bring the steps to life and encourage you to put the steps into action.


Change is my thing. Not only did I get my doctorate in human and organizational learning, I have over 20 years of experience in private, public, government, and not-for-profit organizations. My speciality is building organizational culture and driving transformational change within organizations. Most recently, I led a cross-functional team of directors in restructuring and aligning the organization around a new business model and philosophy. I’ve also helped organizations deal with the cultural impacts of merging two organizations into one, adjusting to a new CEO after the founding CEO left, and transforming the culture from a traditional office-centric culture to a much more dispersed workforce with very little assigned seating at all.

Yes, I use my knowledge of people and change every day to drive results in organizations and improve the bottom line. However, what does that have to do with you?

Well, for years, I kept my proclivity for annual planning in my personal life…personal. I would steal some time away at the end of every year for a mini retreat so that I could update my five-year plan and determine my top goals for the year. I honestly thought everyone did something similar.

Only once I started coaching individuals did I realize that almost nobody actually did what I did for themselves. What might be common sense to me because of my background in organizational transformation, was foreign to everyone else. When people saw me accomplish goal after goal that I set out for myself, they thought I was just super smart and driven. Some of my friends even thought I was born under a lucky star.

The truth is, I’m not special. I just figured out a long time ago how to define my goals, create a compelling future vision for myself, and create and execute a plan to get me exactly what I wanted for myself.

After years of pleas from others to share how I do what I do, I have finally put it down on paper. This is what I do personally each year. How I accomplished every personal and professional goal I have had for myself. These are also the concepts I use when I coach clients one-on-one. My hope is that this book will help you create a compelling vision for yourself, gain focus, and achieve your goals.


This book outlines the six-step methodology that is our namesake: EVOLVE.

Evaluate the Current State.

Vision for the Future.

Organize the Plan.

Learn the New Behaviors.

Value What’s Important.

Evaluate and Adjust.

Within the pages, there are several self-assessments, worksheets, and exercises to help you achieve results. They have been designed to be as customizable as possible. The only thing you need to achieve Who You Want To Be, other than this book, is yourself, your time, and some sort of electronic or paper journal.

What Others are Saying…

“I have had the privilege of working with Mary over the past 4 years as a performance coach. Mary has helped me to identify and achieve far-reaching professional goals, while balancing parenting a young child and cultivating nourishing personal time. Mary’s coaching approach combines psychology, change and leadership theory, as well as adult learning, with the practical-know-how of a seasoned manager, and through this unique technique, she has enabled me to navigate both management consulting and academia, as a doctoral student. Mary has taught me how to successfully manage conflict constructively and to set realistic boundaries based on environmental and stakeholder needs, as well as my own needs (professional and personal) to execute with precision and strength. Mary’s committed, kind, no-nonsense style has been nothing short of excellent over the years that I have worked with her. I highly recommend Mary as a performance coach.”
—Rita M., coaching client

“I’ve invested many years attending conferences, reading books, and conversing with motivational speakders across the country. I’ve applied their techniques and experienced minimal results. After engaging wih Mary, my perspective has been adjusted and I have experienced positive change. Mary is a committed coach with an uncanny motivation for helping people transform their lives and experience results. Her fresh approach helps people experience a healthy balance of personal and professional success.”
—John C., coaching client


For just $19, you are getting access to all of the tips, tools, worksheets, and information you need to succeed on your journey towards Who You Want To Be, no matter what that means to you.

This isn’t a book of just platitudes and inspiration. This book is chock full of over 50 pages of actionable information (not counting pictures and formatting) to jumpstart you on your journey.

As an eBook, it is also interactive, providing links to other external resources to support you on your journey. Finally, I share my personal email so you can share your successes and ask any questions as you go through your journey.

The sooner you start, the sooner you achieve your first goal! So, don’t delay… buy the book now and it will automatically be delivered to your inbox so you can start immediately!

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