Before you can commit to any changes or learn any new behaviors, you have to get clarity on Who You Are and Who You Want To Be. While that may seem to be a simple and obvious answer, it is not always as easy as it seems.

Getting clarity around Who You Are and Who You Want To Be can be the difference between a successful transformation and a goal that never comes to fruition.

But, it is all up to you. Only you can see all facets of Who You Are – including the thoughts and actions you have and do when nobody else is looking. Only you can know, truly and deeply, Who You Want To Be. Not what others want for you, not what you should be, but what will truly and deeply fulfill you and help you live your most authentic life. The good news is that you don’t have to take the journey alone.

It’s my mission in life to set you up for success. To empower you, personally and in business, to help you learn new behaviors, tap into your passions, and make the changes that close the gap between Who You Are and Who You Want To Be. That’s what I want for you, and I am here to help you get there.

I’ll walk with you on your journey. I’ll share stories and experiences to help it all come together. It won’t all be easy, but you don’t have to carry the torch alone. It will be work, but you don’t have to start from scratch without a plan. Working together, we can define and create a powerful vision of Who You Want To Be.

So, are you ready? Let’s start our journey together.

Using the EVOLVE Methodology for Your Personal Transformation eBook

This book will give you the tips and tricks I’ve learned helping organizations and coaching clients to successfully change and evolve to meet their goals and fulfill their potential. These 6 steps are time-tested, broad steps that I’ve seen work for everyone – from an individual with a relatively simple goal, to an individual looking for a complete transformation, to large organizations who need to transform their entire business model to survive. While the resulting plan will be different for everyone, these core steps to transformation work for everyone. No matter your goals, if you follow this process you are guaranteed to unlock your transformation potential!
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EVOLVE Methodology for Personal Transformation Online Class with Dr. Mary Barnes – COMING SOON

The EVOLVE Personal Transformation Online Class is a 12-week virtual class that gives you and I the opportunity to meet weekly to put the methodology into action and maximize your transformation potential. This online class is an immersive experience into my book, Using the EVOLVE Methodology for your Personal Transformation. This is not simply the book on video. This is a live-led course with me. We will use the book as a foundation and I will provide additional content and tools to support your transformation journey. But, the real power of this class is the live interaction between you, others in the class on the same transformation journey, and myself. Over the 12-weeks, we’ll all meet on a weekly basis to maximize your transformation. Each 60-minute session will include a short “lecture” from me, based on where the group is in the process. The remainder of the session will include a collaborative dialog to help everyone move forward on their journey. If you can’t make a class live, you can submit questions ahead of time via email and see the recorded class during the week.

The goal is to end the 12-weeks with total clarity on Who You Are, Who You Want To Be, and an action plan to help you get from one to the other. However, you’ll find that a lot of transformation happens within the 12 weeks as well – this isn’t an exercise in infinite planning. As you define behaviors and habits that support Who You Want To Be, the group will help you make, and stick to your commitments to yourself throughout the course. If you are looking for a kickstart towards your new life, this course is for you!

The next course will be starting this fall. If you’d like to pre-register to get registration details when released this summer, click the button below.

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Monthly Mentoring with Mary – COMING SOON

Just like becoming an elite athlete, personal transformation is a journey that requires a good guide. For those who don’t have the income or inclination to hire a personal coach, this type of group coaching/ mentoring is a great way to get all the benefits of a personal coach without having to pay the high price tag.

I can help you build and execute a plan that minimizes the redos and missteps. You can go it alone, but I believe you will always get further, faster when you have someone who can help hold up a mirror, guide you in your evaluation, and help you adjust to keep moving forward, even when things aren’t perfect. That’s why I’ve spent over 20 years learning, teaching, and refining my understanding of what we need to truly become Who We Want To Be.

Join me every month for a live conversation to get insights and guidance to address your most pressing challenges. It will be an opportunity for us to meet in real time as we work together to achieve Who You Want To Be. You will also be added to an exclusive online community where you can find all previous calls, ask questions of me and other members throughout the month, and get support for all your transformation goals.

We are creating this based on feedback from others and will be going live this fall. If you are interested in being an inaugural member of the Monthly Mentoring with Mary, signup below.

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