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What exactly is Laser Learning?

I’m so glad you asked! It is a free video series of focused learning – only 60 seconds at a time! If you want to evolve in the pursuit of your dreams and the progression of your best life, but you don’t have a whole lot of time (and who does these days?) then this is your solution!

Once a week, I’ll deliver a 60-second Laser Learning video to your inbox. Covering only one concept at a time, the series will help you learn techniques that accelerate your progression. You can apply the learning for the week, and watch your daily achievements and productivity grow.

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Weekly Laser Learning Videos delivered directly to your inbox. Each video is right around 60 seconds!

Bonus Gift - 8 Tips for Solving Any Problem eBook - a blueprint methodology that guides you to understand, clarify, and map out a solution to any problem

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“I get despondent when I want to learn and improve but it just seems to take up so much time. Time that, as a professional writer, I don’t have. Yet, I am obsessed and committed to achieving more in my life. These ‘Laser Learning’ videos by Mary are perfect for me – I learn one concept at a time, in only one minute. That info sticks with me, and I find myself applying each new concept immediately, because I am not overwhelmed with too much information. A GREAT way to learn!” Caroline, New York