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COVID 19 UPDATE: Now that most of us are at home trying to find ways to stay sane and entertained, there’s no better time to devote some of your quarantine time to figuring out your passions and creating a plan to achieve your goals. I know this time can drag us down. The ambiguity and anxiety can work together to really derail our efforts. The best way to regain some of that control and clarity is to make a plan and get excited about your life again. If you are a leader who is still working from home, know that your employees are going through the same thing. Reach out to me. I can help you work through how to keep your team productive and focused while also giving them the space they need to process everything that is going on. We are in crazy times, but we will get through it together. Please stay inside, stay safe and healthy, and let me know if I can support you in any way.

I want to congratulate you on taking the first step by asking for support. The willingness to take action, even a small one like checking out this page, puts you ahead of a large group of people.

Whether you are just starting out in your career, or have “arrived” in your career and are looking for ways to make your day-to-day more fulfilling and meaningful, I can help!

I work with people in all aspects of their career or business to help them achieve their goals. My philosophy is a very pragmatic one.

I’m all about continuous individual improvement by examining and improving on your blind spots (we all have them).

I’m also all about human and team dynamics. Whether you are the entry-level employee on the team or the CEO of a large organization, building trust and leading without relying on positional power are skills that will take you far, and will produce gains in the bottom line.

Much like a performance coach for a professional athlete, it’s not my job to do the work for you. And, I won’t promise you can “make 6 figures in 30 days”. Instead, my job is to ask you the questions to move you forward, be the mirror so you can examine and fix your blind spots, and provide frameworks to help you achieve your specific goals.

This doesn’t mean we won’t track your goals and get you results!

It does mean that you are responsible for putting those reflections and frameworks into action to get the results you desire. The results you achieve are directly related to the efforts you commit to the process.

Are you ready to take the first action? Download the free 13-page workbook. There are 7 reflection activities to walk through that will help you move forward. Going through the workbook will give you some actionable insights about yourself.

Once you get the workbook, I will send you an email from my personal account (that I check and respond to daily) so you can reach out if you’d like to schedule a free 30-minute consultation and talk about a coaching engagement customized for your goals.

7 Surefire Steps to Align Your Life to Your Passions and Get Clarity on Who You Want to Be

Whether you are looking to further your executive career and want to define a powerful professional brand, or you would rather work to live and are more concerned about life balance and personal goals, this workbook can help guide your reflections to develop a clarity you might not have felt before. There’s nothing worse than “arriving” at what is seen conventionally as “success” and then realize it’s not where you want to be. Use this workbook to:

  • Guide your reflections and take a hard look at what you truly want for your life
  • Create a vision of “Who You Want to Be” that can guide your decisions as you move forward
  • Develop a plan, and routines, that support your vision and ensure you get there

What is Included in the Workbook?

For the sake of transparency, I’m including an overview of the activities in the workbook. But, don’t think too hard… take action! Download the workbook (it’s free!) and do the exercises. See what revelations you have – you’ve already started taking action by arriving here, don’t start overthinking now!

  • 3-Way Mirror – This exercise is a great way to uncover some blind spots and reflect on how your actions and self-image align (or not)
  • Finding Your Passion – This is about removing all of the “should” from your thought process and really focus on what you find energizing and motivating
  • Who I Want To Be – This is about writing down a personal vision statement that you can use to guide your decisions moving forward
  • Concept Map – This helps you define the steps to get from here to there
  • Getting Tactical – This helps you turn your reflections into action
  • Making Success Routine – This is about auditing your current routine and making changes to support Who You Want To Be
  • Setting Yourself Up For Success – This section contains some final questions for reflection as you move from “reflecting” to “acting”

About the Author, Mary Barnes

I am a proven leader and coach with a passion for helping others change to be the best version of themselves.

Whether you are a “leader to be” looking to figure out your path, an established leader looking to take your career to the next level, or someone who just wants to find their passion and create more joy in their life, I can help you in that journey.

I have more than 20 years of leadership experience across commercial, local, and federal government organizations and a doctoral degree in human and organizational learning. I bring a deep knowledge of organizational dynamics, change management, and strategy development from both a practical and academic perspective.

My sweet spot is assisting leadership teams in solving their big problems – the problems that disrupt productivity and impact employee engagement. I have a proven track record of designing and implementing programs that get results and move the organization forward.

Because I believe people are the key to success in any organization, I focus on empowering leaders to achieve their desired result by focusing on human dynamics and organizational behavior at all levels.

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