Dr. Mary Barnes

Your Host, and Founder of EVOLVE Organizations

That’s me. The EVOLVE Experiences Women in Business Bali Retreat is a ‘coming together’ of all the personal methods I have used over 20 years in order to smash every goal and hit every milestone I have ever set for myself. It’s not because I am more talented than everyone else, it’s just that I developed the methods required to solve any problem early on in life and went on to study these methods until I created my own transformational methodology – the EVOLVE method. I have used this method to create a résumé filled with change management success stories for companies, government organizations, executives, and individuals. I hold three Masters Degrees and a Doctorate, and I am an author, blogger, and educator.

I will actively listen to you and be able to refine your plans and goals into rock-solid practical steps. I will also find your limiting assumption and work with you to overcome them, so you can move forward. I use cohort-based learning in business settings all the time to help high level executives. But, the power of a cohort of women all looking for the same types of things is going to be so powerful and I can’t wait to see it in action.

I will be at the retreat every single day, for every single session and will get to know you very well, work with you before, during, and after the retreat and become specifically invested in the best success for you.

And just so you know, I’m not ALL business! My undergraduate degree was in Adventure Sports Recreation Management – on the weekends I took classes in white water canoeing, snowboarding, wilderness first responder, swiftwater rescue, SCUBA, and more! We are all multi-faceted people, and women in business can support each other massively through understanding, skills transfer, and guidance in a safe but challenging environment for ultimate growth.