Caroline Hastings-Brown

Journalist and Freelance Writer and Digital Marketer

Caroline has a degree in journalism and psychology, as well as diplomas in digital marketing and corporate leadership. She spent many years pursuing corporate marketing and public relations goals for a variety of large companies in the UK and South Africa, where she is from and currently lives. She has worked in Fashion, IT, Finance, Education, Travel, Environment and other marketing niches. She is a serial seeker of the ‘perfect balance’ between family, career, and self-development. Having achieved high levels of success in marketing and digital marketing, she resigned the corporate world to become a freelance writer to create flexibility for her family. There was no parachute, and her earnings had to remain the same. By hook or by crook she did that, and firmly believes that success has many different faces, and that you can create the lifestyle you truly want to.

Caroline will help you make the seemingly mundane come alive through the written word. Pulling out the powerful and authentic points that will make your communications dance. Caroline understands the need for variety, freedom, and adventure in life. In her B.C. years (Before Children) she travelled 9 European countries on a motorbike, with one small pannier for clothes, a rolled-up yoga mat, small tent, and minimal money.

Caroline cannot wait to contribute to an event that she feels will be a life-changing experience for everyone involved.