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Are you struggling to find the time to take your fantastic business to the next level? Or even just launch the business that makes your heart beat with excitement at the very thought of it?I hear you! Loud and clear, and so do many other driven, passionate, intelligent women – just like you! It’s hard to find enough time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture in our hectic lives. But, if we don’t, we’ll never make that leap to the next level. And that is just NOT OK!

So, what if you make a powerful business investment in yourself over the period of a week? A week in Bali, staying in an ocean-front villa? A week of nurturing your body with healthy food and yoga classes, a week of increasing the peace inside with beach walks, meditation and massage?

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, a week of igniting your business passion and purpose, with other like-minded women, as well as transformational coaching expert Dr. Mary Barnes, and other experts in the field of business?

With only 10 spots available each week, you are guaranteed private, one-on-one coaching in all the areas that you need.

What’s Included?

The retreat has been designed to be all-inclusive, providing everything you need to leave the week feeling refreshed and energized, with clarity on how to move forward in business or your career. Everything below is included in the price of the retreat.

One of 4 Weeks

Weeks will be Saturday - Saturday, starting either August 10, 17, 24, or 31.

Coaching and Action Planning

There is a schedule of structured workshops, as well as the flexible time needed to reflect, work on your own, and get one-on-one coaching throughout the week.

Luxury Accommodations

Set in beautiful Bali, daily yoga, massages, pristine pools, private resort, wifi.

Excursions-Personal Development Time

One day during the week will be set aside to let our hair down and explore all that Bali has to offer. Other excursions are available to take during your free time for an additional cost if you choose.

Community of Women

The key to the transformational value to the week is the community of like-minded women. Learn from and share with others and get inspired.

Healthy Meals

Authentic, family style meals will be made by the chef for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including drinks and dessert poolside after dinner.

Just imagine, the chance to refresh, revive your drive, understand exactly what you want to achieve, and exactly how you are going to get there. Imagine this powerful kickstart filled with high-powered learning opportunities, major inspiration, and fulfilling change that goes beyond vision and into deeply practical ways of making the changes you want in your business. Are you ready?
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Change is my thing. Not only did I get my doctorate in human and organizational learning, I have over 20 years of experience in private, public, government, and not-for-profit organizations. My specialty is building organizational culture and driving transformational change within organizations.

Through my varied experiences across industry and type of organization, I have become an expert in human behavior and building team synergies. Whether driving new behavior in an organizational transformation initiative or coaching an executive team for maximum effectiveness, I use my insights into human behavior to drive results.

I have expertise in advising client executives on major strategic issues for their businesses, as well as on team dynamics, leadership development and coaching, organizational culture and change, organization design, and operating model transformation. I have developed a reputation for creating results and impacting positive change by paying attention to the human dynamics and interactions within an organization.

In addition to my doctorate from The George Washington University, I also hold master’s degrees in Business Administration and Financial Management from the University of Maryland, University College.

I share this not to impress you, but to provide you my background and where I’m coming from. It’s important that you know I help people change on a daily basis, in all kinds of ways, so that you know I can help you plan for, and achieve, the most important goals you have for yourself. I use my knowledge of people and change every day to drive results in organizations and improve the bottom line. And, I’d like to use that expertise to help you drive the results you want for yourself and your business!

After years of pleas from others to share how I do what I do, I have finally created an EVOLVE methodology. I am here to share what I have learned, how I help leaders drive to results and achieve their vision. My goal for this retreat is that we, as a mastermind of women, help you create a compelling vision for yourself, gain focus, and achieve your goals.


The following group of inspiring and accomplished women are part of the coaching faculty for the retreat. Each retreat will have up to three coaches, including Dr. Barnes. Click on each image to read the full bios for each of these expert coaches and then click the Join Us button to get your custom invitation and lock in your one-on-one and small group time with some of the best women coaches in the industry.

Marisa Keegan - Executive coach with a Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology

Marisa works with strong female leaders who are trying to navigate both the pressures of climbing the corporate ladder and the chaos of family life.

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Ilana Zivkovich – Founder and CEO of WERQ , a strategic leadership advisory firm

An experienced executive leader and Certified Executive Coach, Ilana is passionate about creating alignment experiences for top-level professional teams that combine strategic, systemic, and relational interventions to produce tangible results.

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Caroline Hastings-Brown – Journalist and Freelance Writer and Digital Marketer

Caroline has a degree in journalism and psychology, as well as diplomas in digital marketing and corporate leadership.

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Loretta Cooper – Former ABC News Reporter, Communications Consultant, and Executive Coach

Loretta worked under an assumed name and behind a camera for 20 years, before leaving the newsroom behind in need of serious rest, stress, recuperation, and some time with her small children

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Have you ever attended a large, expensive conference, spent anything upwards of $1000 per day and come away thinking ‘What was the value in that’?I have, and my goal for this conference is for it to be different. The first difference here is that we will be only 10 women each week. Each person will have enough time to step back and work ON their business or career path. Which is very different to working IN your business and career! Not only will you have that chance, but you will have the uplifting and inspirational company of like-minded women, and top quality coaching.The second difference is that the price of admission covers everything except the flight to get there – the workshops, room, board… everything from the moment you land to the moment you leave! We want the relaxation to begin as soon as you book your spot.If you are interested in participating in a retreat that can take you and your business or career to the next level, all while nurturing yourself in a beautiful tropical paradise, clck the button below to share a little about who you are, and what you would want to achieve through a retreat like this, and I’ll get back to you. My plan is to curate the weeks to make sure women with common goals who will be able to support and encourage each other throughout the week (and beyond) are invited to the same week.Don’t put this off – take this action now to support your future. There is no commitment at this point and you know if you put it off, it will fall off your radar. Besides, with so few spots and so many of us needing a retreat like this, we expect to sell out for all four weeks.

To YOUR Success!


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Evolve Experiences – Women in Business Bali Retreat

A business retreat isn’t a vacation. Within a week’s time, you get clarity on your goals and map out how to get there, all while getting refreshed so when you get home, you’re ready to power through your action plan.

It’s a tall order for a week, but by using an adaptable methodology, you will return home refreshed, rejuvenated and with a roadmap for your path forward.

You will leave with…

  • A re-awakening of your vision, enthusiasm, and inspiration
  • A defined strategy and specific actions to get there
  • A feeling of complete relaxation and a great physical health boost
  • A sharp visual of your challenges and obstacles, how to overcome them
  • Tools to get clarity on your current, and any future, problems
  • A new network and incredible support system of like-minded women
  • Post-retreat tools to keep you in the ‘inspired’ zone, even when you feel you’re slipping up

Retreat Details and Pricing

For an all inclusive week in Bali, the price is $5000 US with discounts for double occupancy and early bird (book before April 20). This includes:

  • Room in exclusive, oceanfront resort
  • Three meals daily
  • Daily workshops
  • Personalized professional coaching
  • Morning yoga
  • Massage
  • Island tour with local guide

Come for a week and leave totally refreshed with an action plan to crush your goals!

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